How to Complete KYC Verification on Unacademy?

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As we all know that Unacademy is India’s biggest online education platform and there are maximum numbers of students who are from school and colleges to the aspirants who are preparing for the government exams, are using this valuable platform to study in a better way.

The best part about Unacademy’s online education platform is that it pays the highest salaries to its educators, that’s why so many professionals desire to work on this platform without any hesitation. 

Friends, we are all aware that in order to join Unacademy’s platform, you must first complete a demo video task, and if your demo video is chosen, you must then go through a lengthy process of joining.

However, If you are not aware of this process then you can read it from here. 

What to do After Giving Successful Online Demo on Unacademy?

After delivering the demo session, you must have to complete your KYC on Unacademy’s platform, and the majority of individuals fail here since their KYC is repeatedly rejected by Unacademy.

That’s why we are going to provide you some extremely crucial information on how to finish the KYC procedure easily on Unacademy. 

How to Complete KYC on Unacademy?

To join Unacademy, you must first complete your identity KYC, which you may do by filling out and submitting a form in Unacademy’s educator application.

In this KYC form, you have to first submit the details of your PAN card such as the name written on the PAN card and the number of the PAN card. Along with this, you also have to upload a photo of your PAN card.

While submitting the details of your PAN card, you have to keep in mind that you fill in all the details correctly and also upload a high-resolution photo of your PAN card so that your KYC application is not get rejected by Unacademy.

After providing the PAN card details, you will also need to submit the details of another identity card, like an Aadhar card or a Voting card, to verify the PAN card details. You will also need to upload a high-resolution photo to ensure that KYC verification goes well.

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Pro Tips for the smooth KYC process on Unacademy

Here you have to keep in mind a special thing that the submitted photo of the identity card should always be in high resolution and should not be a blur at all.

Because if you do not upload the photo properly, then Unacademy will feel that you are trying to do some kind of fraud with them and they may reject your KYC application.

Because the name and address on their Aadhar card and PAN card are not the same, the KYC registration of the majority of folks who join Unacademy fails.

Many folks seem to be unable to correctly submit photographs, and as a result, their applications are also rejected by Unacademy. 

Final Words on How to Complete KYC verification on Unacademy

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    1. Hello Nida, Thank You for sharing your Queries with us.
      Well, If your KYC is rejected and the login session is expired then try to contact the Unacademy team through their customer support mail id. Hope this will solve your query.

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    मेरे पास पेन कार्ड हैं पर फोटो नहीं लगी हुई , तो क्या मेरा kyc पूरा होगा ?

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