How to Complain about Illegal Sand Mining activities in India?

As we all know that mining is an activity that is used for the extraction of minerals from the crust of the earth for the benefit of mankind. Mining activities are much important for the development of the country’s economy. This sector is generating many employment opportunities in India.

Illegal and unethical business activities are the most common problem in a country like India. People doing all the illegal activities in their business to earn more profits from it. Eventually, they are destroying the ecosystem of the Indian economy.

The mining sector of India is also facing the same problem of Illegal and unethical extraction of valuable minerals from the crust of the earth. This problem is something really very big and it is high time that the Government of India must have to look at this matter by taking some serious action on it.

Illegal sand mining activity in India has increased to a great extent in the last few years. Due to this, the government is suffering monetary loss. Due to illegal sand mining, there are also huge problems happening with eco-environmental activities.

How can you file a complaint about Illegal Sand Mining?

You might not know, but sand is considered a minor mineral as it is stated in MMDR Act. According to this act, Central Government is not responsible for making any kind of rules and regulations for the minor minerals.

The Central Government has given the freedom to the state body to make rules for minor minerals according to their comfort zone. According to the MMDR Act, sand mining comes completely under the control of the state government.

How to Complain about Illegal Sand Mining activities in India?

Usually, every state Government forms a separate department to control mining activities in their respective state. People who have strong technical background are hired in this kind of department through competitive exams.

This separate department created for the mining sector works for the conservation of minerals and to control illegal mining activities in their respective state. This body is entirely responsible for all the mining-related activities in your state.

How to file a complaint?

Generally, a separate department is created in each district to control the mining activity. People like Geologists, Royalty Inspectors, Mine Supervisors, and Surveyors usually work in this mining office.

If you come to know about any kind of illegal sand mining activities, then you can file a complaint to the Geologist or Royalty Inspector in the Government Mining Department of the district with strong evidence.

When you file a complaint to a royalty inspector or geologist, then it is their responsibility to act on your complaint and do personal checking where illegal mining activity is taking place.

If geologists and royalty inspectors ignore your complaint, you can complain to your state’s main mining department about illegal mining activity. As soon as your complaint is received, the flying squad there immediately works to take action on your complaint.

Filing Complaint on Digital Media Platforms

Nowadays in India, everything from banking to shopping is being done with the help of digital media. In such a situation, the mining sector is also not behind in all these things. Nowadays every state government has made a special portal to monitor mining activity.

In this mining digital portal, you get an option to complain about any kind of illegal mining activity. You can submit a complaint in detail along with photographs via this portal. Your identity is generally kept confidential. I think this is the best way to file a complaint about illegal mining activities in your area.

Final words on How can you complain about Illegal Mining activities in India?

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