How To Become Expert on Chegg and Earn Money From Chegg?

How To Become Expert on Chegg?

Friends, as you may have noticed that nowadays there are several platforms in the field of online education in India are already available and a significant number of people are already connected to all of them.

By the way, If seen, there are so many people in India are now making a lot of money online by answering academic questions.

If you’re an expert in any academic field and want to increase your regular income then we’ll tell you about a website where you can genuinely make money simply by becoming an expert on it and answering a academic questions asked by the students. 

Chegg Tutors are experts in the field they are teaching. Chegg hires Tutors who have more and more experience and give them the privilege to teach million of Chegg students to solve problems. is a company that pays tutors to help students with their school academics. They have a point system already in place.

You earn points when the students like your answer and later on you can redeem those points through various ways, one way to make money on Chegg is to convert that Points into Dollars and transfer it to your Paypal Account. This is one of the best ways to make money on

How To Become Expert on Chegg

However, in this article, we will tell you the exact process of how to join the, how to become an expert on this platform and how you can earn money on this platform?

How to Join and Become an Expert?

Step 1: Register Yourself on this Platform

To become a part of this professional educational platform as an expert, you must first register yourself by filling out a simple form in which you will be asked some basic personal information.

You may simply visit this platfrm’s official website from here: and can easily fill this form with very ease.

Along with your basic information, you must also provide your academic credentials and résumé.

We recommend that you provide all details precisely because this will help you a lot during your document verification process. 

Step 2: Wait for the Screeing Process

If you’ve already registered on Chegg’s platform then after you’ll have to wait a while for the screening process to commence.

On today’s time, many educators want to join Chegg today and that is the main reason why there has been a lot of rush on this platform, and as a result, a lot of time may have to be spent waiting in the screening process.

Along with this, we would also like to suggest you that when filling out the form, always include your active email address so that you don’t miss any emails sent from Chegg’s official team. 

How To Become Expert on Chegg

Step 3: Clear Demo Test

If your resume is selected by Chegg’s official team during the screening process then you will receive an email from them with a link to a webpage where you can conduct a exam to gain a certification from this platform.

It is necessary to gain certification from this platform in order to serve as an Chegg’s expert educator. If you pass the certification exam here on this platform with ease then you will be given a fantastic opportunity to work as a regular educator on this platform.

If you are unable to pass this certification exam due to unforeseen circumstances then my dear friend you need not be concerned because you can reapply for it after some time for this certification examination again, and if your preparation is adequate then you can easily clear this examination. 

Step 4: Start Training and Beome an Expert Educator

Once you pass the certification examination that conducted on Chegg’s platform, and then you must get your documents confirmed. After the document has been confirmed, you will receive training from the Chegg official team, and once you have completed this training, you will be awarded the title of Official Educator on this platform.

You can soon start your career as an expert on this online education platform after becoming a registered educator.

How to Earn Money From

By the way, If seen, In today’s time there are so many fake online education platforms are already working in India, where educators seem unable to receive payment despite doing well and this is the main reason why so many educators have begun to believe that the majority of online educational platforms are scams.

However, when it comes to the things are totally different from other platforms because this platform is considered to be a very advantageous one in terms of payment because it pays you your hard earned money through Paypal very easily. 

Final Conclusion on How To Become Expert on Chegg

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