How to Become a Plus Educator on Unacademy?

How to Become a Plus Educator on Unacademy?

Friends, we are all familiar with the fact that Unacademy is the biggest online education platform in India, and educators are paid the best compensation on this platform which actually justifies their efforts.

Many teachers are joining Unacademy as online educators as this platform is paying a handsome amount of money to its educator without any biasedness. 

Friends, we all know that when you join Unacademy’s platform, you are treated as a normal educator, and your compensation is significantly lower than that of a plus educator. As a result, every Normal Educator is always on the lookout for a means to become a Plus Educator on this platform. But To become a plus educator you shall have to follow some guidelines.

In this article, we will tell you the exact process of how to become a plus educator at Unacademy. Kindly please read this article till the end to get to know more about the same. In this article, we have shared some pro tips which can definitely help you to become a Plus educator with ease.

How to Become a Plus educator on Uncademy?

Always Be Consistenet

Friends, if you want and being a regular educator to being a plus educator, you must first maintain consistency in your teaching on the Unacademy platform. When I spoke with numerous Plus Educators, one point that came up repeatedly here is if you are consistent on Unacademy’s platform, your chances of being picked as a Plus Educator increase significantly.

When I say “consistency,” I don’t mean that you have to teach on this platform for longer and longer periods of time every day. Rather, the constancy on Unacademy means that you must offer at least one hour of live lectures on this platform every day. When you’re consistent, Unacademy notices your presence and your chances of becoming a Plus Educator increase even more. 

Present Your Lectures in a well-Designed Manner

Friends, I’ve noticed that when many educators join Unacademy, they don’t waste their time in a preparation for the live lecture, and their presentations and PPTs aren’t unique, and as a result, such educators can never demonstrate their talent in live lectures.

If you want to be a highly successful Plus Educator, you must always bear in mind that your presentation and notes must be very unique. Additionally, while taking notes or preparing a presentation, bear in mind that you do not have to utilize any copyrighted content of any kind from anywhere because doing so will tarnish your reputation among the students which can ultimately become a barrier n your road to becoming a plus educator.

Along with taking notes, take into consideration that you should be able to convey your lessons with ease. Because if your lecturers are well-liked by students, a group of students may offer your name as a plus educator, making your journey easier.

Try to Reply each and each and every comments

If you are a teacher, you are completely aware that each of your students has a varied capacity to understand. One student may quickly grasp all concepts while another can grasps it after so much explanation and that’s why they will frequently ask you erroneous questions and those questions may irritate you, but you must have to answer all these questions in a specific manner without getting frustrated.

When you start teach students on Unacademy’s platform, it’s critical for you to understand that when you answer the preponderance of your students’ questions, Unacademy’s algorithm determines notice of your efforts. And if your students have the most engagement with your lectures, then this platform will simply approve you as a Plus Educator.

Final words on How to Become a Plus Educator on Unacademy

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