How the US Ruined the Italian Food?

I’ll be the first to say that most Americans are uninformed of true Italian cuisine, which is ironic given that the typical American consumes 40 pizzas each year.

I went into grocery shops in the United States and Italy looking for frozen chicken parm and penne, and I even ate 1600 calories at an olive garden, and let me tell you there is a lot that goes into making a lot of pasta and sauces.

Barilla is the world’s largest pasta manufacturer, and I started cracking the spaghetti in half before putting it in boiling water during the cooking session. Italians do not crack their pasta; they simply boil it.

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How the US Ruined the Italian Food?


See, Italian cuisine is a large industry in the United States; more than a million people work in Italian restaurants.

The industry is worth 54 billion dollars, which is more than the whole economic output of most countries.

But to truly see how significant Italian food is to Americans and how much the traditional recipes have been altered.

Allow me to take you inside a US grocery shop; if you’re an American, you’re probably used to it, but if you’re Italian, you might cringe.

What is Demand?

For $6, you may have a frozen chicken parm and penne or a chicken alfredo in paneer rooted in Italian heritage, which is offered by Barilla, an Italian brand.

Seven out of ten Americans keep frozen pizzas in their freezers, waiting to be baked. The United States has figured out how to mass manufacture, preserve, and even simplify Italian cuisine, as well as our love for everything else.

In the last two decades, we’ve gone from eating roughly 11 pounds of Italian cheese per person to consuming approximately 11 pounds of Italian cheese per person.

In the United States, things are getting faster, cheaper, and bigger every year, to the point that we eat more than 16 pounds, but how does this compare to Italy where a lot of this food originated from I went to Italy and stayed with my friend Luca take away.

What the USA do to Italian Food?

It was not Italy that made Italian food popular around the world; rather, it was the United States that affected it. When Italians immigrated to the United States, they adapted their recipes, and the United States influenced them.

Even olive garden, which has outlets in Mexico and Dubai, now includes a quilts component.

For obvious reasons, the United States has one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. We’re a land of immigrants, and when it comes to Italian food, we can trace it back to the late 1800s,

when many Italians immigrated to the United States and eventually made the country their new home.

When the Italians arrived in the United States, they brought their old traditional recipes with them, but they didn’t stay the same.

Instead, they brought with them Italian street food like pizza and pasta, which soon became super popular but here’s the thing Italians in the u.s started using a lot more meat in their food than they had been using in Italy because it was available everywhere in the United States of America.

Final Conclusion on How the US Ruined the Italian Food

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