How Putin Has Made Russia a Superpower?

Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine has become one of the deadliest and most brutal events in human history since World War II.

Ukraine’s ruling party, which was once part of Soviet Russia, was more inclined towards the United States and European countries. Many of the countries on this axis are members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty).

If other non-NATO countries attack or need security, their combined military support will lead to war.

Ukraine is not a NATO country, but it could happen at any time. Circumstances lead to a world war-like front. That is why Russia will not declare war on us.

But Putin also underestimated the current political equations in the world, the collapse of the post-Corona economy, and the cowardice of world leaders. Putin also learned from a report by Russia’s intelligence agency that no country’s troops would come to Ukraine’s aid.

Putin told China, playing tricks, that “if we do not attack Ukraine, the axis of the United States, as well as the European allies, will emerge with stronger global power.” Your influence will continue to decline. Together we will make the world a better place.

Putin’s Tour of China

Putin went on a trip to China in the first week of last month after years and met with Jinping when oil spilled in the stomachs of the US and Europe.

If the United States succeeds in preventing Ukraine from falling into the hands of Russia, the United States could side by side with ten of the fifteen countries of the former Soviet Union that had anti-Russian referendums.

In addition, as Russia’s reputation loses its credibility, so do other anti-Russian countries.

Putin wanted to stay away from all these scary possibilities and for that, he kept China together and threatened the United States and European countries to stay away.

America and European countries did not want a third world war. This is not because of pity for the human world, but because Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Cuba, and America’s friend Israel’s enemy countries, if united, feared that America would be in a great problem.

India also developed relations with the US and bought arms, missiles, etc. from Russia. Admittedly, under Modi’s leadership, Azad did not ask India for any price in India. During the Cold War, world politics was dominated by the US and the Soviet Union, and India did not even have a foothold.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the United States became the sole superpower in the world until the 2000s.

It is gratifying that India is in a key position to advance or stagnate the mutual political ambitions of the three superpowers, the US, China, and Russia.

Russia’s war against Ukraine and the US, Europe, like Dhritarashtra watching the massacre in Ukraine as a silent witness, and Ukrainian President Zelensky urging India to stop Russia as everyone sees it on the world stage is also an indication of India’s growing importance.

Political and defense analysts in the United States and Europe have also speculated that Putin wants to re-create the Soviet Union, as the United States and Soviet Russia were two superpowers at the time. In 1991, power and prosperity were shared. Russia became an influential country but not seen as a superpower like the United States.

Final Conclusion on How Putin Has Made Russia a Superpower

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