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We all know that Gujarati people are very passionate about business.

In fact, many such people also believe that business is something that always runs into the blood of the Gujarati people.

Even in today’s time, India’s biggest businessmen actually hail from Gujarat and have earned a lot of money with their exceptional business management skills.

If we talk about the stock market then here the maximum number of investors also belong to Gujarati accents who have earned a lot of money with their phenomenal intelligence.

Well, if you are someone who is slowly and gradually learning about the stock market from YouTube then you must have come across the videos of Pratik Chauhan who is an investor and financial YouTuber with almost nearly two lakhs subscribers on his YouTube channel.

How did Pratik Chauhan Got Success in Stock Market?

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So, basically in this article, we are going to share some important information related to the investment journey and portfolio of Pratik Chauhan in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Pratik Chauhan Investment Journey

Pratik Chauhan is a resident of Mumbai and he belongs to a Gujarati family.

He is a financial educator who shares very useful information about how people can invest in the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency through his channel on YouTube and this is the main reason why at the present time his YouTube channel has more than 2 lakh subscribers.

Pratik had a lot of interest in the stock market from the very beginning and that’s why he also informed his father about this interest.

But like every Conservative father, Pratik’s father also advised him not to think too much about the stock market as they also have the mentality that the stock market is just gambling and people loss their money in it.

However, despite his father’s advice, Pratik started learning about the stock market by reading so many books and watching so many videos on YouTube.

In fact, he is someone who is so passionate about this market and this is the main reason he has to spend so much time in research about the same.

Seeing Pratik’s passion for the stock market, his father also got impressed with him and he somehow managed to get the job done for Pratik in one broker’s office.

Pratik Chauhan - YouTube

From his first job Pratik learned so much about technical analysis and trading strategies and eventually started his trading journey too.

In the first 3 years of his investment career, Pratik has always been a trader.

However, after losing a lot of money in trading, he had come to know one thing very well if he wants to earn money from this market, then instead of trading, he has to focus on long-term investment.

After losing money in trading in the early days, Pratik has focused only on long-term investments for the next five years and due to this, he has been successful in creating a significant amount of wealth for himself in today’s time.

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Pratik Chauhan is a personal finance educator and hence he believes that personal finance means managing your money in a secret way. He has never openly given details about his portfolio but he has definitely given some hints about the portfolio.

According to him, he has neither invested his money into the Real Estate market and nor in Cryptocurrency and when it comes to both of these platforms he is still the learner.

In today’s time, Prateek invests his money in Equity Fund and Debt Fund. According to him, he has invested 65 percent of his capital in the equity market and 35 percent in debt funds. Even in debt funds, his maximum investment is in liquid funds.

Final Conclusion on Pratik Chauhan YouTube and Portfolio

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