How Many Blog Posts Should I Write Per Day For The Better Ranking and Earnings?

Friends, as we all know that Blogging and Digital Marketing are one of the best ways to earn money online during this Covid-19 pandemic time. Many new people are joining this field to conquer.

But there are so many people who are failing miserably just because they do not have proper knowledge about this field.

Despite having so much knowledge source on YouTube and Google, there is lots of misconception about blogging in people’s mind. Those misconceptions are of the silly types, and they need to address properly.

We are creating one series to remove all the doubts related to blogging and digital marketing concepts. So here we are…

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most asked questions of newbie bloggers which is, “How many blog posts should I write per day for the better rankings?

If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this following article till the end.

How Many Blog Posts Should I Write Per Day For The Better Ranking

Let’s discuss more this in our main article

There is no such proper answer available for that particular question. Different people have different views on that particular question. In this article, we are also trying to share our best experience so you can get a proper idea for the same.

Nowadays there is no shortage of people teaching about blogging on platforms like YouTube. But if the truth is to be believed, apart from some Genieune Youtubers, maximum people give you the wrong information about blogging just sake of some views on their YouTube videos.

Many of these YouTubers are spreading such information that if you produce more blog posts, then you will earn more. But this is not entirely true.

The concept of earning the money from blogging is entirely dependent upon how much traffic you are receiving on your website. More traffic more you will earn.

How many blog posts should I write for better earning?

Look buddy, there is no specific answer that could be given for this specific query. Actually different people have different kinds of opinions about it.

Till now, no one has given a satisfactory answer to this particular question. However, we are sharing our slight experience about it.

The number of blog posts per day is totally dependent on which niche you are working in. Suppose if you are running a news website, then you must have to write 40-50 articles per day in order to get high revenue through AdSense or some of the other ad networks.

The same scenario is different for blogs related to finance and technology because this kind of niche is very competitive and you can write an article after doing so much research.

Also, you have to take care of competition in order to get a high amount of organic traffic from google. So we suggest you write at least 2 articles per week to get success from this kind of niche.

Now suppose if you are running blogs in a different language rather than English. Then also you must have to write at least 2-3 articles per day. As we all know that Hindi language bloggers are increasing day by day and this niche is also becoming very competitive these days.

So, to sustain yourself in this competition you must have to produce high-quality content which ultimately helps your user in one or another way.

How you can increase your earning?

As we stated earlier in this article a high amount of organic traffic from the google search engine is the key to get success in your blogging career.

If you are failing to earn a huge amount of traffic from search engines then you must have to revise your blogging strategy.

How you can increase your earning from Blog?

To get organic traffic from Google, you have to do SEO of your content. Because of SEO, your website comes up in the search engine results and you get organic traffic.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization is considered one of the highest demanding skills in the blogging Industry.

I have seen many such people in my blogging career who only believes in producing more and more content. Those people do not worry much about SEO. Such people rarely get success in the world of blogging.

I have seen many people acquire traffic from various social media platforms. There is nothing wrong with it. But that traffic cannot help you in earning in the long-term future as it is not targeted traffic.

If you really want to earn a huge amount from blogging then you must have to make proper efforts to gain high organic traffic.

So from the above discussion, one thing is clear that only writing more numbers of the post will not give you immediate success.

You must have to take care of traffic and other technical parameters too in order to get a huge success in this field.

Final words on “How Many Blog Posts Should I Write Per Day For The Better Ranking and Earnings?”

I really hope that this article will definitely be going to help you in your blogging and digital marketing career. If you have any queries regarding this article, then you can send them to us by commenting in the comments section.

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