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I uploaded my first video on this channel on November 5th, 2017, and it started out as a fun little side project that has now grown into something so much better.

I’ve been able to help thousands of you around the world start your own online business,

I’ve met countless entrepreneurs and creators that I would not have met otherwise, and I’ve even built a full-time income with this channel, so in this article, I’m going to reveal how I did it.

Jordan Welch YouTubeWhat is My Journey in Short?

When I was a youngster, so when I was 12 years old, I finally got my hands on a camera. I began my first channel for fun, uploading all kinds of weird content with my friends, and doing comedy sketches and short films.

Videos of basketball and skating I went out and filmed and edited pretty much any idea I had, and then the worst thing ever happened: someone who will not be named leaked my channel to everyone at my middle school in a matter of hours.

Jordan Welch YouTube

I became the laughingstock of my class, and people began referring to me by my YouTube handle, making jokes about my videos, and claiming that it would never work.

My New Ventures

After that, I tried a few other businesses before finding my first true success online with drop shipping in 2017.

When I posted some of my figures on Instagram and Facebook, a lot of my friends asked me what I was doing and how I was doing it, and I wanted to help them out.

So I started posting simple videos on my channel about how I was running my business, and that’s how this channel got started.

Let’s take a look at how I developed this channel past 100,000 subscribers and how much YouTube pays me each month.

When we look back at my first year on YouTube, we can see that I only managed to obtain 840 subscribers and only uploaded roughly seven videos.

I didn’t make a penny from my channel this year, and a lot of people would have given up by now. I spent a lot of time on each of those videos, and none of them got any traction.

As you can see, my total views for 2017 were 11 000, but I’ve developed a strong attachment to these films and want to continue doing so in 2018.

So, in 2018, my e-commerce business was gaining a lot of traction, and I was excited about it.

I’ve done a lot of stuff on youtube this year and I’m really excited about it, but man this year has been crazy. A lot of times you guys just see the finished product of a video, but I don’t think you really understand how much work goes into each one of these videos.

I probably spend three to four hours planning and writing out the video, then another five hours filming the video, and then another eight to twelve hours editing my videos.

Final Conclusion on Jordan Welch YouTube

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