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Here’s What No One Tells You About Jivraj Tea Company.

Jivraj Tea Company– As we all know that Tea is an essential requirement of any household in India. Tea is such a beverage in India that it works to connect people together. Even today, if you go to any famous tea stall in your city, then you can easily realize that people are actually crazy about the tea by just looking at a crowd already available there.

There are already huge giants available in the tea-making sector in India. Wagh- Bakari, Milly Tea, and Red Label are some of the most branded and reputed companies in this sector, which shares a high amount of market share.

However, in the midst of these big gents, there are many such small companies that have established a successful business in this sector on their own. Jivraj Tea is definitely one of these companies, which is sharing a good amount of market share in this sector globally.

So, In this article, we are going to discuss deeply what is the actual business model of Jivraj Tea and how this company is grooming its business in overall Indian and foreign countries. If you also looking for some decent amount of information regarding Jivraj Tea company then kindly read this article, till the end.

All You wants to Know about The Jivraj Tea Company in Detail

Jivraj Tea was founded by Suresh Jivraj Shah in the city of Surat, which is most probably known as the diamond city of Gujarat. Initially, the Jivaraj Tea company established its first-ever plant in Surat and had paid more attention to the local market during its initial time, which helped it to win a decent amount of customer trust.

It is a long-term vision of Suresh Jivraj Shah helped this company to expand its business in Gujarat, India, and globally. In today’s time, this business is successfully managed by its director Viren Shah, who is also the president of All India Tea Association.

Jivraj Tea Company

Along with him, his two sons Pathik Shah and Rushabh Shah is also managing to help their father to manage this business successfully by taking a charge of the post executive directors,

The best thing about Pathik and Rushabh Shah is that they both are highly educated and talented. They both have studied masters of business administration, from the respected universities of the globe and are well-aware of all kinds of business-related activities and that’s why they are successful at managing this tea company with ease.

Highly Talented and Qualified Executives Directors are the key essentials of the Company.

Pratik Shah is looking after all the international marketing-related activities by keeping his sharp eyesight on the day-to-day operations of this business and Rushabh Shah is also managing all kinds of local marketing along with making long-term strategies for grooming their company as a global brand in the tea-making sector.

Right now, Jivraj Tea company is producing more than 12 types of various tea products, and eventually, it is satisfying the needs of people according to their requirements. Its prime products are Jivraj normal Tea, Jivraj Ginger Tea, Jivraj Masala Tea, Jivraj Lemon Tea, etc.

Jivraj Tea company is not lagging behind the world of Information technology. The company’s all business-related activities are actually managed by the German-based IT software SAP. (Fyk, I would like to tell you that SAP is the world’s leading software to manage A to Z business transactions)

Jivraj Tea Company

Taking care of safety and providing the high-quality food product is the essential requirements to get any kind of success especially in the food industry. The company has also taken care of all kinds of necessary precautions to comply with all kinds of safety parameters.

Its executive directors Pratik and Rushabh himself monitoring the daily laboratory activities of tea testing. This is also one of the reasons why the Jivraj tea company is able to win the trust of their beloved customers.

Talking about the business locations of Jivraj tea, the company has expanded its business to almost all over India and in more than 30 plus foreign countries via registering various dealerships around the globe.

According to a report submitted by the company, about 10,00,000 packets of this tea bag are sold daily. This is a quite huge achievement for any company, especially in the tea selling sector.

Jivraj Tea has now become a very established brand name and it has also won the trust of the people.

Final Conclusion on What No One Tells You About Jivraj Tea Company.

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