Harsh Goyla Biography, Investment, Age, Wife, Success Story

Harsh Goyla Biography

Friends, if you are very active in the world of the share market, then you must have heard the name of Harsh Goyla very well. Harsh is a very successful Investor, Entrepreneur, and Educator of the Stock Market.

In today’s time maybe the world knows Harsh as a very successful person but his journey has never been easy and he has faced many difficulties in every path of his journey and after defeating every trouble he has succeeded in achieving this position.

Through this post, we’ll tell you about some fascinating stories from Harsh’s life.

Harsh’s tale is not the biography of an ordinary guy; rather, it is the story of a man who has fought and overcome every challenge in his life.

This is a parable of a person who has never given up on his ambitions and has never compromised the dreams he has shown with his opened eyes. Harsh’s story is incredibly inspiring, and every young person should learn something from it.

Early Life of Harsh Goyla

If we go into more detail about Harsh’s upbringing, you’ll be shocked to learn that Harsh, who now speaks in front of crowds on stage and on YouTube, was a very calm and introverted child who was also not so far more engaged in studies.

As a result, he struggled to make too many friends at school and was often scolded by the school teachers as he was not much interested in his studies. 

Although Harsh has been very close to his parents since the beginning and if we say that his parents were his true friends, then this thing will not be wrong either.

From the beginning, he had heard a lot about the stock market from his father, and as a result, the stock market had become imprinted in his thoughts.

He is someone who always wanted to learn about the things related to the stock market in any tough situation and for this reason, he used to go to the broker’s office with his father even during his schooling days.

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Decision of not to join any College

When it came to the 12th standard, Harsh, like any young child, wanted to study by joining a top college, so he put a lot of effort into his studies, and in fact, he also achieved 79% in the 12th standard.

But, as previously stated, he had a strong belief in the stock market and this is the main reason why he did want to study solely on the stock market in his graduation period.

However,  Unfortunately, he was unable to find a college where he could study the financial market and that’s why decided to drop the idea of going to college. 

Harsh’s father was first shocked when he discovered his decision not to join any college, but he later respected Harsh’s decision and handed him 25,000 rupees to invest in the stock market.

Harsh began trading in the year 2010 after conducting some online research and he also made a lot of money in the starting and as he did not have any strategic planning to trade in this market, he lost all of his money in the same market due to his lack of understanding about the marketplace.

The Struggle Period

Harsh was disrupted to a great extent after losing a lot of money in the stock market and this is the main reason why started doing a job to recover the money, but perhaps the stock market was in his blood, he never felt comfortable in a 9-6 job, and eventually left it after working for a year.

Then after he paid more attention to learn every aspect of the stock market, such as fundamental and technical analysis.

Harsh finally got the fruits of his hard work when he founded one multi beggar stock in 2013 which makes him super-rich through his stock market journey.

In today’s time, Harsh is considered a very successful investor in the world of the share market, and in fact, He also runs his own institute in today’s time where he teaches people about the stock market.

So far more than 2 lakh people have learned about the stock market from Harsh’s Institute and are taking forward their investment journey.

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