Government Job vs Software Engineering – What Should You Prefer?

Government Job vs Software Engineering

Friends, we all know very well that at this time in India people are very enthusiastic about government jobs, and to crack the government examination everyone prepares very hard. However, very few of them got selected for the administrative role and that’s where you have to rethink joining the government sector.

We all know that government jobs provide you with lifetime security. In these facts, I have seen many such people who have made very good money by doing government jobs. However, their method of making money is fully illegal.

In today’s time, every youth of India wants to get job security which they can get only in government jobs because the private sector can throw you out of job anytime. I have also noticed for the past many years that people with maximum high degrees are also preparing hard to come under administration job profile which ultimately gives them respect and social stability in society.

Are you a software engineer who is coding and you also want to try your kismat in a government job then this article is surely written for you only? Kindly please read this article till the end in order to get some comprehensive information from this article.

Government Job vs Software Engineering

See, I agree that software engineers are very intelligent people and they have the golden opportunity to crack government exams.

See, if you are a software engineer and if you also want to get into administration and want to get an even more prestigious position in society, then you should definitely prepare for a government job.

But if you are one of the candidates who enjoy programming and coding more than administration, then you should definitely continue your job and maintain your good standing in this domain.

I have seen that many times it happens that seeing someone, many software engineers want to work in the field of administration. In such a situation, they also waste their time preparing for the exam, while they do not have a literary interest in anything other than coding.

What is My Opinion?

Government employees are not required to report to work on time every day. If you have personal urgent work, you may not need to go to the workplace.

It provides job stability and, depending on the department, additional black money. More personal life, less stress, and a sense of being established in life.

However, as compared to traffic police, the criminal section of the police department has more jobs to accomplish.

If you are truly honest, you will not be respected. Even family members dislike you, and friends, relatives, and family members believe that an honest person is incapable of making black money.

Except for government civil workers such as IAS, IPS, and others, government employment promotion is not entirely dependent on the track record or good performance.

Instead of working for people, there is a lot of politics and bossism in the office that needs to be controlled.

While in software engineering,

This career provides more job satisfaction since your honesty and competence are more likely to be rewarded with higher pay and faster promotions.

On-site prospects include the United States, Europe, and the ability to acquire white money more rapidly as well as the opportunity to go to wealthy places.

There is no bossism since you may sit in front of your boss with one leg on top of the other and address him by his first name rather than “Sir.”

One of my software pals quit his job and went to work for the government, but he neglected to address his employer as “Sir,” and as a result, he was reassigned to another departmental zone.

Nobody can stop you from producing big money if you enjoy your job and work with love.

Final Conclusion on Government Job vs Software Engineering

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