Finland Education System Facts- Why Every Country Should adopt this Education System?

Finland Education System Facts

Friends, you’ve probably heard that education is the world’s strongest weapon and with the help of that, you can destroy any force in the world.

It is believed that the economy of the country with the best education system develops the fastest, and countries like America and Finland are the best examples of this.

In fact, if we talk about Finland then the educational system of this country is considered as one of the greatest in the world, and many nations now want to adopt the educational system of Finland. 

Today, with the help of this article, we are going to tell you some amazing facts about Finland’s education system. Kindly please read this article till the end, if you really want to know more about this.

Finland Education System Facts

(1) Children are Enrolled in School after they turned at least 7 Years.

Often you must have seen that in the educational system of maximum countries, young children’s parents are encouraged to take admission of their children in school as soon as possible and the reason given behind this is that it is good to start schooling at a young age.

Finland, on the other hand, implies a special perspective and has opted to accept children to school only once they have reached the age of seven.

Behind this, Finland educational experts feel that small children’s minds need to be developed during their early childhood, which is why they shouldn’t be subjected to study pressure.

(2) More respect is given to teachers

You may have noticed that the teaching profession is underestimated in many countries, and as a result, educators in many countries are unable to obtain adequate compensation packages.

However, Finland is much ahead of other nations in this regard, and teachers are valued better than other professions such as lawyers and doctors.

A teacher is treated with the same respect as a lawyer or a doctor and this is the main reason why teaching is highly valued in Finland.

(3) Becoming a teacher in Finland is not easy at all.

If you reside in India then you are well aware that the country’s population is so enormous that you will find tutors in the millions nowadays.

Because becoming a teacher is very simple in contrast to another profession.

However, this is not the scenario in Finland, where the government believes that a tutor who teaches children should be a great student himself, and it is essential for him to know everything in his profession, which is why someone must pass one of the most difficult exams to become an educator.

If you want to teach in Finland, you should be aware that you will need to study something more in addition to your bachelor’s degree, i.e, you will need to complete your master’s degree. Only after obtaining a master’s degree, you will be able to educate children as an educator.

(4) Centralised Exams Start at the age of 16

When we talk about children’s education, we frequently try to measure their level of education by the number of marks they have obtained in examinations.

By the way, in India, if a child does well in an examination, he is referred to as clever, and if a child does not obtain good marks, he is considered dumb.

Because of all of these factors, a kid is constantly under pressure to do well in an exam, and as a result, the student should prepare thoroughly.

You might be surprised to learn that children in Finland do not undergo any exams till they are turned out to be 16 years old.

A student’s first step after turning 16 is to undergo a centralized exam, which he or she must pass before continuing their studies.

According to Finland’s education ministry, we should remember that if each child is gifted in his or her own right, there is no point in putting them under unnecessary study pressure.

(5) Free Education to All

We understand that you are probably thinking that almost every country provides free education, so what is Finland doing differently?

But, if we’re talking about the truth, you may not be aware that education in Finland is regarded as one of the best in the world, and you can imagine how much money Finland would have to spend to provide such a high-quality education.

In fact, according to one research report, this country, Finland, also pays financial assistance for each child who studies there.

The education ministry in this country has set aside 500 euros per month for each child to ensure that they do have not to face any kind of difficulties in their studies.

(6) Necessary Vocational Training

Normally, if you pay close attention to the education systems of other countries, you will soon understand that in most areas of study, the only theory is taught, and practical things are not given much attention, due to the high number of students who have not had a good understanding of how things work.

The Finland Ministry of education soon realized that if students are to be prepared to work in the industry in the future then they must end up receiving lots and lots of practical training.

Almost every student in Finland is obligated to go through a difficult vocational training phase.

Almost all types of students are trained at various vocational training Centers after passing the centralized examination at the age of 16.

The interesting characteristic of this training is that they are only trained by industry experts, and as a result, they gain a significant accord of practical experience.

(7) Teacher Stick with the Same Group of People

You must all be aware that when you study regularly then the maximum of you face one common problem that your teachers change every year or every short period of time, which actually cause a great deal of difficulty in your studies. 

In Finland, a teacher is more likely to stick with the same group of students for five years. This gives teachers the opportunity to bond with their students and also to better know students as learners.  

Final Conclusion on Finland Education System Facts

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