[Exposed] Does Google Spy on You?

Nowadays, many news channels covering the news that Google is actually spying on you and using your voice and search history to run their ads to the targeted audiences.

Is it really true? Let’s try to find out answer for this question.

Being a digital marketer and hardcore search engine optimization practitioner, I am one of the best people to answer this question.

Please read this article, till the end to get detailed information about the actual reality of whether Google is actually spying on you or not.

Google is world’s biggest search engine.

Before we discuss the spying activities of google, I wanna tell you that Google is the world’s biggest search engine.

Almost 95 percentage of world’s total search is done via taking a help from a world’s biggest search engine.

Google already launched various kinds of services like Google Ads, AdSense, Gmail, Google Talk, Google LLC, and so on just to give their user a better experience on the internet.

Recently, Google has launched too many useful tools, which can be very useful for the users for particular uses.

As we all know that Google is actually running their business through artificial intelligence system and being a digital marketing practitioner I can say it very confidentially that Google has the best artificial intelligence system in the world. (End of Discussion)

Does Google Record Your Voice via Google Talk?

Since from previous many days, many news channels are claiming that Google is actually spying on people through recording their voices. What is the actual reality of it? Let’s try to understand it.

Before we move to our main article, I just wanna ask you what actually news channels do?

The job of news channels is to spread sensation and they have got into the habit of adding spices to any news without researching it in a proper way.

The same thing has happened with Google spying news, too. News channels once again came up with inadequate and improper information about Google search.

But, I personally think that this is not actually the fault of the content writer, because the Google search algorithm works very differently and the normal content writers definitely can’t understand it with ease.

If you are a practitioner of Search Engine Optimization then you can skip this article from here. You are not going to get anything new from here. However, you can share the same with your friends and family.

But if you are a general reader then we again request you to read this article, till the end to know some valuable information from here.

Myth: Google Talk Record Your Voice and Use it for showing the ads to you

Many news channels have claimed that Google talk actually records your voice via google talk and uses it to steal your personal information. It is totally rubbish and baseless.

Google talk never ever records any kind of voice when you search for something on it. The reality is that if you search via using Google talk then this particular platform converts it into word form and sends it to the servers.

Whenever it gets the response from servers, it again converts that word format into the best kind of voice format and provides a piece of straight information to you in an audio format.

There is no option to store your voice anywhere in this whole process. That’s why you rest assured and use Google Talk fearlessly.

Does Google Spy on You?

Whatever you search on Google Talk, Google deletes its entire history very soon.

The reason for this is that voice search uses a lot of storage and practically it is not easy for Google to store so much data.

When Google Actually Record Your Voice?

Google records your voice only when you give it permission to record your voice. Yes, you read it right. Let me explain the same thing in detail.

Google gives you an option to record your voice in its main settings. In this setting, this option is usually in a turn-off situation by default.

The best thing about that option is that it is actually not accessible very easily. It is hidden very wisely by google in its setting.

Google only records your voice when you give your permission to them via enabling that particular option from your account’s setting.

Now, you might be thinking again that why google will record your voice? What it has to do with your voice sample?

Well, I can again explain this particular thing in a very detailed manner.

Have you ever consulted with the customer care center of your SIM service provider company? If you have talked, then you will know that your call is recorded for quality checking.

What does it mean? Are they also spying on you? Are they also recording your voice? The answer is sweet and simple “No”,

The same thing is with Google. They record your voice after taking your permission to improve search quality for you. This thing ultimately helps you to get better results from Google searches.

Neither Google tries to steal your personal information nor it stores your personal voice search data anywhere in their system.

We hope that your doubt will be cleared now. That’s why you rest assured and use Google Talk service for fast and better results for your particular queries.

Does Google Use Your Search History to show you the right advertisement?

Does Google use your search history to show you ads? The answer is hell “YES”. Google actually uses your search history to show the exact and relevant ads to you.

Google’s entire economic system actually depends only on advertisements. The main part of Google’s earnings comes only from advertisements.

That is why Google tries to use the search history of the users to show them a relevant ad. But if the user does not agree with that, then the user can disable it from search settings.

When the user disables the relevant ads option from the search settings, it does not mean that Google will no longer show any kind of ads to its user.

Because Google’s system is completely dependent upon advertisement revenue it will show the ads to users. It will show some random ads to its user when the user searches for any kind of queries on Google.

Hope all the things are cleared in your mind. Please share this with your friends and family too.

Myth 2: Google is recording your phone calls

This is one of the most senseless rumors I have heard till now that Google actually records your phone call and uses that details for several reasons.

This is absolutely rubbish and there is nothing like that.

Actually, no one has a right to record any kind of phone call. Even your sim service provider also takes permission from you or informs you, when they actually record your phone calls.

Always bear one thing in your mind that, Google is providing various services to the billions of people around the world, and why it will spy on some particular person?

News channels often try to spread fake news that Google is spying on a user through its artificial intelligence system on a regular interval. All this news is baseless and unethical.

So you don’t worry about any kind of security and privacy issues from Google’s end and keep searching and surfing without any kind of hustle.

Final words on Does Google Spy on You.

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