What are the Disadvantages of Masai School?

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of attending Masai School. However, we must keep in mind that no educational institution is perfect, so read this with an open mind and without skipping any sections.

I’m not going to categorize what I’m about to say about Cons since some Pros may look to be Cons and vice versa, so it’s up to the person to decide what are pros and what is Con for them. I’ll only discuss facts that aren’t readily available elsewhere. If you’re interested in learning more about Masai School, I recommend visiting their official website.

Masai School Disadvantages

If you drop out or breach their terms and conditions, you might lose 50,000 or 3,00,000. They have a lot of rules, believe me. You might not get a job as a developer, but they might put you in another technical role in a company so that you can start working on the ISA within a year of finishing the course. If you respond no, they would consider it a breach and may demand 3 lakhs in advance.

For basic actions like sending an emoji to the opposite gender on Slack or other platforms, you might be booted out of the course at any point. Yes, this happened recently, and the sender was blacklisted and is no longer able to join. Another incident involving a girl who used to be a top performer transpired.

Can Masai School churn basic coders with military-style training?

Masai Team was suspicious and sought to elicit an explanation from her for several codes; however, the girl ultimately disclosed that her uncle assisted her with the assignments, and they ordered her to leave immediately from the course.

If you want to attend Masai School, you must already have to understand a lot of things. Let’s be honest. A person who excels in aptitude, logical reasoning, math, and problem-solving, is computer literate, can write at least 50 words per minute, and can cross-check and validate the provided code in less than two minutes.

All of these are required even just to attend the Masai School interview. You may even apply for MBAs, government exams, and other jobs if you can perform all of these things. As a result, placing a student who is already intelligent is not a difficult task.

Earn up to 25 LPA or a minimum of 5 LPA, according to their website. However, once you complete the course, you will be placed in tiny businesses in Bangalore or other IT hub locations, with beginning salaries ranging from 3 to 4.5 LPA.

How Bengaluru-based Masai School aims to bridge the skills gap and turn  engineers into coders

By attempting to present some facts regarding Masai School, I am not endorsing any other Bootcamps. In fact, Masai School is one of the few ISA-based boot camps in India that can be trusted. Newton School is an even bigger scam; on their website, they promote that you pay only 15% for two years, but when you sign the agreement, it states three years.

At the very least, Masai School is forthright about its policies (although a lot of it is hidden). Also, remember to ask a lot of questions about ISA before you sign it.

Final Conclusion on Disadvantages of Masai School

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