Digital Pratik Success Story

5 Things You Would Love to Read about The Digital Pratik Success Story

Digital Pratik Success Story

The name Digital Prateek is well-known among those who specialize in the area of digital marketing. They all are well aware of the guy who was known as DigitalPratik amongst the Indian digital marketers as personal branding and Contextual content marketing expert.

The journey of Digital Pratik is really inspiring and motivating, from attending a call center job after dropping out of engineering college to working as an SEO executive to establishing his own brand name Digital Pratik is not the sort of someone living his career dreams with so much passion. 

Digital Pratik is someone who has worked really hard to accomplish some degree of financial fulfillment, and today he is earning in crores due to his excellence and hard-working nature specialize in the field of Internet marketing.

That is why we should all be familiar with his inspirational journey, which may literally help you to achieve definite success in your professional career. That is why we are sharing the story of a Digital Marketing expert named Digital Pratik, also known as Pratik Singh Chudasama.

Early Life of Pratik SIngh Chudasama

Pratik was born in the small town of Gujarat and was very smart in his academics. Pratik, in reality, had achieved over 90% in his class’s 10th and 12th board exams.

Pratik had desired to be an engineer since he was a child, and to accomplish his ambition, he enrolled in a well-known engineering college in Gujarat.

Digital Pratik Success Story

However, when Pratik was in his third year of college, his father suffered a paralytic attack, forcing him to drop out of engineering college.

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Although he resumed engineering, this time he did not have the same enthusiasm for the field, and as a result, after two drops from the curriculum, he finally waved farewell to engineering forever.

Pratik worked in a call center for about ten thousand rupees per month after taking a drop from his engineering degree, and he did so for four years.

However, he did not demonstrate any progression in his professional career in the call Centre work throughout the four years and that is why he started looking for more options to earn. 

Pratik did a Digital Marketing Course

When Pratik was looking for a new option to earn money, he came to know about how to earn money online and that’s why he enrolled himself in a digital marketing course in an institute in Ahmedabad.

Meanwhile, he also tried his hand in affiliate marketing during this period but unfortunately due to lack of proper knowledge, he failed miserably in this domain too.

But Pratik understood that if he will work hard enough then he will definitely be successful in making money online, and as a result, he began studying intensively during his digital marketing course.

But, owing to a lack of finances, he was unable to pay his fees and was forced to abandon the course in the middle; nonetheless, he did not lose courage and re-entered the employment and had also earned money and then returned to the digital marketing course again. 

The Small Success of Digital Pratik

Pratik’s decision to join the Digital Marketing Course proved to be the appropriate one just because he studied this course of digital marketing with such serenity that the same institute acknowledged his potential and offered him a job with a good remuneration.

After that  Pratik Chudasama’s excellent times began here, as he taught SEO and other digital marketing skills at that Delhi-based digital marketing institute for almost Four years. 

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Prateek continued to side hustle to establish his brand name while teaching digital marketing of the institute and on many days he worked for roughly 18 to 20 hours. Pratik eventually has seen the results of his efforts when he was hired as a product manager at an organization.

However, Pratik was making good money from his side hustle, and as a result, he was able to leave a high-paying position as a Product Manager and establish his own brand, Digital Pratik.

Digital Pratik is just not a person it is a brand name

Professionals who are in the field of digital marketing will be able to relate to Pratik’s success because we all know that making passive income in the field of digital marketing is never easy, but Pratik has managed to accomplish so.

He made this work simple and proved it to the world with the assistance of his hard work and skills. In today’s time, Pratik Chudasama is known as Digital Pratik, and he is followed by a significant number of people.

Many free and paid courses have been produced by Pratik Chudasama under his digital marketing brand to educate the masses in disciplines such as personal branding and digital marketing.

His course has been purchased by a significant number of people to date, and almost all of them agree that the content of digital Pratik is extremely valuable and that can help any digital marketer’s working approach. 

Final Words on DIgital Pratik Success Story

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