Darshan Dashani Tea Post Owner's Success Story

Things You Would Like to Know About Darshan Dashani Tea Post Owner’s Success Story.

Darshan Dashani Tea Post

“Chhotu, give me two cups of tea please, and please make it best.” We often hear this kind of word at tea spots where numbers of tea lovers get together.

Tea business is supposed to be the most unorganized business in India because you can still find that it is operated in a small area on the roadside, thus I agree that it is the only business which has the highest amount of customers available in it because the cost of the tea is comparatively very low compared to the other beverage products. 

However, in recent times many people attempted to modernize this unorganized tea selling business by giving some kind of modern looks to shop and adding some modern taste to it.

You can also find branded tea selling stores in a variety of locations throughout your city. But Still, I reckon that the tea selling business needs much time to get modernized because people still do not want to spend so much money in a modern tea shop for just one sip of tea. Someone has to be more creative to acquire huge numbers of customers in a modern tea selling business.

Darshan Dashani Tea Post Owner's Success Story

As we all know that Gujarat is the best place to do any kind of business in India and the tea selling business has a huge market in Gujarat. That is the reason why modern tea selling franchises like Tea post, Boston Tea Party, and MBA Chaiwala got immense popularity just by selling a tea and all these businesses have turnover in crores.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Tea Post franchise which was started by one Gujarati guy named Darshan Dashani, and nowadays it is becoming one of the most trusted and widely accepted tea selling brands in Gujarat. Let’s try to understand the success story of Darshan Dashani and Tea Post.

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Darshan Dashani Tea Post Success Story

How did Darshan Dashani get an Idea of the Tea Post?

Darshan Dashani started Tea Post in the year 2013. Before starting the business of Tea Post, He was doing the business of selling tea leaves in Rajkot. He had also purchased a huge tea garden in West Bengal in order to increase his profits from this business via using the method of becoming the self producer of the tea leaves.

Darshan Dashani had no interest in selling tea when he bought the tea leaves garden, and that was the reason why he was so focused mostly on establishing his own tea leaves business.

It is often remarked that big business inspiration comes from small beginnings, and Darshan’s Tea Post business was no exception. He came up with the idea of a tea selling business when he was discussing the tea selling business with a roadside tea vendor, and eventually, he started Tea selling a business by establishing a Tea Post by putting his business idea into execution. 

Darshan Dashani Tea Post Owner's Success Story

In the beginning, Darshan did not have many ideas about the tea selling business when he started his own new venture and that’s why he gave away tea to the people for absolutely no cost and when he noticed some positive results from here, he decided to extend his business on a larger scale and today Tea post franchise has become a top brand name especially in the tea selling sector of Gujarat.

What are the Business Model and the specialty of the Tea Post?

As we previously stated, the people of India do not want to spend a lot of money on something like a Tea, that’s why instead of going to a renowned tea cafe, they prefer sitting at a small tea stall. Darshan Dashani was well aware of this mindset of people and that’s why he offered free wifi to his customers at a tea spot and that helped him to acquire huge numbers of customers.

The business model of Darshan Dashni’s tea post is based on the bulk selling system. According to him, his target is to sell 1 lakh teacups on a daily basis and have to earn a minimum of 1 rupee per sold teacup. Hence this business model is also teaching us lessons that how to bulk selling can work in India and why should people focus on bulk selling rather than selling just a few particular things at an oriented and accumulated price.

Darshan Dashani Tea Post Owner's Success Story

In general, we see that wherever tea selling business is done, intoxicating things like cigarettes are definitely sold there, and this is considered a common thing in India. However, Darshan, the owner of Tea Post, has a completely different mindset, and he does not want to earn a single penny by selling smoking things like cigarettes, so he has strictly prohibited all of his franchisees from selling cigarettes.

Darshan began his firm on a small scale, with only a few people on his team, but his business has now grown significantly, and nowadays he has a staff of more than 70 people working directly with him. He has also associated so many business development managers to run his business smoothly and if you really want to take a franchise of Tea Post then you can directly contact its business development managers and they will assist you in the best possible manner.

Final Words on Darshan Dashani Tea post Success Story

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