How to Survive in the IT Industry of India?

How to Survive in the IT Industry of India?

Friends, we are all aware that the information technology sector in India has become quite crowded, and there is a severe shortage of employment for average developers and programmers in this sector. According to a research report, despite the IT business being active during the period of the corona pandemic, many people had to lose … Read more

Why TCS Isn’t Rehiring Its Ex-Employees?

Friends, if any of you have ever worked for TCS then you are well aware that in this company the former employees are not rehired. But have you ever pondered what could be the reason for it? Let us tell you about same through this article, which could provide you with maybe some useful information. If you are working … Read more

Things You Would Like to Know About Working in TCS as a Fresher

Working in TCS as a Fresher Friends, we all know that Tata Consultancy Service is a company that is associated with the field of information technology, is considered a giant in the IT industry of Indian and the world’s market. In today’s time, this company is providing its services in nearly 50 countries around the world and it … Read more