Can We Share Unacademy Plus Subscription With Our Friends?

Can We Share Unacademy Plus Subscription?

Friends, we all know that there are many premium courses are available on Unacademy’s online education platform at this moment.

However, in order to view all of these courses, you must subscribe to Unacademy plus, as Unacademy is currently becoming a paid platform. As a result, you must spend a large sum of money to gain access to it.

We all know that Unacademy’s Plus subscription is a little expensive and that not everyone can afford it.

Although we have covered a huge area in one of our posts about how to get this subscription for free, you may easily read that article by following the link given below.

How to get an Unacademy Subscription for Free?

If you are also wondering whether we can share the subscription of Unacademy with our friends by purchasing, then today we will try to give you a direct and accurate answer to this question.

So if you also want to share the subscription of Unacademy with your friends, then please read this article till the end.

How to Share Unacademy Plus Subscription?

By the way, if seen, it is very clearly written in the subscription guidelines made by Unacademy that you cannot share your subscription ID with anyone other than you.

Suppose if you did the same then most probably you are violating the policy made by Unacademy and it may happen that Unacademy might ban your subscription and account permanently.

But Unacademy has also given some relaxation in its guidelines, according to which you can use this subscription ID on two different devices at the same time.

For example, one login id in your mobile and the other ID on your personal Laptop or Computer.

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Benefits of Joining as an Unacademy Plus Tutor

In such a situation, if you want to share your subscription id with your friends or any other person, then you can easily do it.

However, you must have to ensure that you don’t have to login into more than 2 devices. If you even try to do so then Unacademy’s artificial intelligence system notices this very well.

If you really want to use your Subscription Id properly and completely, then you can use this ID at an alternative time.

For example, if you use it in the morning, then your friend or someone else can use it in the evening time. By doing this, you can also save money on other subscriptions very easily.

Also, we want to give you another piece of advice here that if you really want to share your ID with someone, then you should always share it with such a person who is very trustworthy of you., because if someone changes the details using your ID, then there can be a lot of trouble for you later.

Final Words on Can We Share Unacademy Plus Subscription

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    1. Unaademy has a facility of recovering your password via both the mail Id and Mobile numbers both. SO in case if the mobile number is not available then you can recover it through your mail id too.

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