Can I Start UPSC Exam Preparation in High School Itself?

Friends, we all know that UPSC Examination is considered to be the biggest challenging exam in India.

After passing this examination, you can join the most prestigious posts of the Government of India such as IAS, IPS, and IFS.

The most important thing about these positions is that this job is permanent and with this, you also get a lot of respect and salary.

Friends, we and you know very well that every year more than 10 lakh people give examinations of UPSC and less than 1000 people have been able to get selected.

The same thing instructs you that how much more competitive this exam is. In fact, to pass this exam, many people do a lot of reading and hard work continuously for 4 to 5 years.

Nowadays, looking at the competition of this examination many young individuals actually start their preparation from their college days itself.

However, there are some individuals who want to start their examination preparation for their high school days and are probably looking for guidance for the same.

Well, if you are also someone who is facing the same dilemma then this article is actually can be really very helpful to you as this article is going to give you a clear-cut idea of how to start UPSC examination preparation from the high school days. KIndly please read this article till the end

UPSC Exam Preparation in High School

See, it is absolutely appreciable the fact that you are very serious about your future as compared to the children of your age and because of this you also want to crack the UPSC examination.

But here you have to keep some such points in mind so that you can know how you have to prepare for this examination during your school days.

See, I am assuming that you are in high school now and your age is 15 years.

If you have done proper research about the UPSC examination, then you will know very well that you cannot appear for this examination before the age of 21 years. (As you can apply for the examination after graduation)

In this scenario, my best advice you to just focus on your high school education only. The high-school study is also tough and it requires lots of dedication especially when you are studying in streams like science and commerce.

Still, if you think that you are a brilliant student and can do UPSC preparation along with your regular study, then I would advise you right here that you should go very deep reading into the NCERTs book from 6th standard to 12th standard.

You should read at least the books on all the main subjects like History, Sociology, Economy and Politics the 2-3 times. By doing this you will be able to cover more than 50 percent of the syllabus.

Rest main topics like the science and current affair you can cover before one year for appearing in the UPSC prelims. Also, you can start practicing the answer writing for the high school days whenever you get time for it.

Final Conclusion on Can I Start UPSC Exam Preparation in High School Itself

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