Can I get Google Adsense Approval on Gujarati Blog?

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Are you working on a Gujarati Blog and worried about Google AdSense approval? Are you also confused that whether you get the approval of Google Adsense on the Gujrati blog or not?

Don’t worry, I and my team have the best answer to this question?

As a Digital Marketing practitioner, I can understand that the Google Adsense approval on a blog has become a complicated process nowadays and Google is actually not easily approving all the websites and there are various reasons behind it.

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Google Adsense Approval on Gujarati Blog

Till now blogs made in the Gujarati language were not given AdSense approval from Google. The obvious reason behind that Gujarati is not a nationwide spoken language.

But in the last few years, almost all Indian people started using the internet especially after the arrival of the Jio network. The real truth is that people actually prefer to search in their native language.

The trend of using the Internet by the people of India has changed and Google has also noticed this trend of change. That’s why Google is nowadays focusing more on the regional language content and it has rebuilt its AdSense approval program policies in order to meet the expectations of publishers.

Google AdSense program is nowadays giving approval to many local language websites. Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi are some of the languages that Google is accepting in its AdSense Program.

By doing this Google is actually doing a great job as it is providing an opportunity to publishers to earn some money by monetizing their regional language content.

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Many of my friends run Gujarati blogs and they are still in confusion about whether AdSense gives approval to the website in the Gujarati language or not?

Well, The answer is Hell “YES”.

To get approval from Google Adsense you just need to follow some Adsense policies. The policies are actually the same as other language’s website approval like unique and high-quality content, no copy-paste type of work, unique visitors, etc.

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Traffic is the main criteria for easy approval on Gujarati Website or Blog.

Traffic is necessary or not for the Google AdSense approval, this question has been under the cloud since the beginning. Different types of bloggers have different views on this particular question.

Many bloggers believe that you do not need any traffic for AdSense approval if you have high-quality content on your website, But this thing is not entirely true at all.

Here I am going to share my personal experience regarding this particular query.

I started my blogging career back than 2 years ago and written so much high-quality content on my website and still, Adsense rejected my website just by saying that “Low-Value content”

But somewhere between I knew very well that my content is unique and that’s why I waited for organic traffic on my blog. When I started gaining organic traffic on my blog then Adsense approved my application without hesitation.

So if you really want to get approval on your Gujarati blog then try to focus on writing more numbers of posts and make some unique strategy to derive the traffic from Google or social media.

Final Words on Google Adsense approval on Gujarati Blog

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