Can I Clear UPSC Examination in One Year?

We all know very well that if you want to get positions like IAS, IPS, or IFS, then it is very important for you to clear the UPSC exam.

However, UPSC’s examination is very competitive and this is the foremost reason why you need lots of hard work along with smart work in order to clear this prestigious examination.

See, if you are someone who has an age problem with the examination and are not sure where to start then we would like to ensure you that you can start your UPSC exam preparation very smoothly even if you feel that you are too old for this examination.

Even I have seen so many students who started their examination preparation very late and were finally able to conquer it very easily.

Let us today try to answer a very popular question through this article and this question is whether you can pass the UPSC examination in a single year or not?

Crack UPSC Examination in Just One Year!!

See, there is a simple answer to this question, yes, you can easily clear the examinations of UPSC in a single year.

But you have to take care of some conditions here. I am mentioning the word “conditions” here because you have to take some bold steps to clear the UPSC exam.

All you have to do is to take a close look at the UPSC Examination syllabus and start your preparation by reading the NCERT textbooks.

In order to pass this examination in a single year, a strong foundation is required and hence these books can literally be very helpful for preparing a strong base for the examination.

The other main thing which is required to pass this prestigious examination in one year is to have full dedication and that’s why you need to spend at least 6-7 hours reading every day.

Current Affairs is the Key

First and foremost, you should be familiar with your own self-assessment. Knowing where you are in relation to where you wish to just go makes the job much easier.

The candidate is capable of creating a schedule that will allow him to effectively study for the IAS examination. In both the prelims and mains, the UPSC is prioritizing current affairs.

I recommend that you go through the curriculum completely and then prepare current affairs based on the themes covered in the syllabus. Each level, prelims, mains, and personal interview, has its own set of problems that you must be prepared for.

The prelims will test your knowledge of ideas and facts, whereas the mains will be more analytical.

To clarify it, you’ll need better knowledge. Discuss a variety of topics and make it a habit to go into depth on them.

Practice Maximum Answer Writing

I have noticed a very important thing in the maximum Individuals preparing for Prestigious Examination like UPSC, which I want to tell you through this article.

The truth is that maximum UPSC aspirants fail in the UPSC mains exams just because they never practiced answer writing and their sole focus is only relies upon clearing the preliminary examination in one go.

See, bear in your mind clear that if you really want to clear this examination in only one year then shift your focus from the starting in maximum answer writing because ultimately this is the most important thing which can separate you from the other competitors.

You can utilize daily newspapers in your reading strategy in order to cover current affairs in the most pivotal way.

Final Conclusion on Can I Clear UPSC Examination in One Year

I really hope that this article is definitely going to help you a lot.

Also, I am quite sure that if you are dedicated enough who is doing the exam preparation with the help of the regular schedule then no one is going to stop you at all.

We really hope that you have liked this article very much.

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