CA Rachana Ranade vs Pranjal Kamra: Who is Better?

CA Rachana Ranade vs Pranjal Kamra

If you are someone who is learning about the stock market via YouTube, you’ve probably have heard the names CA Rachna Ranade and Pranjal Kamra.

Actually, if you are not so familiar with these two names then we would like to tell you that they are both Stock Market Educators who have their own YouTube channel where they provide knowledge related to the share market to their subscribers. 

Actually, people who learn about the stock market from CA Rachna Ranade’s YouTube channel also like to watch videos of Pranjal Kamra. In such a situation, many times many subscribers definitely debate about which of the two is the best.

Today, we will try to have an unbiased comparison of who is the best in both CA Rachna Ranade and Pranjal Kamra through this article.

If you really want to know more about the same then we recommend you to kindly read this article, till the end.

CA Rachana Ranade vs Pranjal Kamra

Video Language

Before comparing Rachana Ranade and Pranjal Kamra, it’s important to note that all of the former’s videos are exclusively available in English, whereas Pranjal’s videos are mostly in Hindi.

When it comes to Rachana’s videos, they are crammed with high-profile English language and stock market terminology; therefore, if you are uncomfortable with English then you must watch videos on Pranajal Kamra’s channel, where all lectures are available in Hindi.

However, if you are very comfortable with the English language and want to learn the stock market with its terminology and all the exclusive rules, then you must definitely join the channel of CA Rachana Ranade.

Educational Level

When it comes to the educational level of  Rachana Ranade then we would like to inform you that she is a Chartered Accountant by profession, and she had also undertaken many courses to learn about the stock market, passing all of the examinations.

She also has a lot of experience teaching students preparing for the CA exam as well as MBA students.

In fact, while pursuing CA examinations, she also worked in a broker’s office, where she learned all about the stock market’s technical realities.

What is Pranjal Kamra’s Finology One?

Mukul Malik Aka Asset Yogi Biography, Income, Investment, and Portfolio.

CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

When it comes to Pranjal Karma’s education, he graduated with an LLB degree and then went on to take various stock market-related courses from NSM to learn about the stock market and almost cleared all examinations with flying colors.

He has been investing in the stock market since he was studying for his LLB degree and along with this he has a lot of practical knowledge related to the stock market and you can realize the same in his YouTube videos. 

Teaching Concepts

See, when we try to compare both of them in terms of teaching, then it is clear that Rachana Ranade has been teaching students since the beginning and because of this, she has a lot of teaching experience.

If you watch Rachna’s lectures, you’ll notice that she often speaks in a really hilarious manner, which is why so many people admire her approach to teaching concepts.

On the other hand, Pranjal is not a native educator but this does not prohibit him from effectively presenting his videos. In fact, he explains all the concepts in such a straightforward manner that even a complete novice to the stock market can easily understand the topic.

Comparision Between Conceptual Study

The similarity between Rachna Ranade and Pranjal karma is that both try to give more and more information to their subscribers about the fundamental knowledge of the stock market.

Another thing that is common between the two is that both of them place more emphasis on fundamental analysis and long-term investment than technical analysis.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about any IPO, we recommend that you subscribe to CA Rachna Ranade’s channel because she makes videos about almost all types of IPOs.

In her videos, she also tries to provide in-depth information regarding IPOs and you can learn everything about IPOs from her channel easily. 

And if you want to know about every small concept of the stock market and analysis of the company in Hindi language only, then you must definitely join theYouTube channel of Pranjal Kamra.

Final Conclusion on CA Rachana Ranade vs Pranjal Kamra

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