CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

Friends, if you follow the stock market, you are well aware that CA Rachna Ranade is a well-known figure in India’s stock and financial markets in today’s time.

She is a successful investor, educator, and YouTuber, also she has a huge fan following and subscribers base.  Rachna is a Pune-based stock and financial market who manages a YouTube channel named “CA Rachna Ranade” where she publishes videos regarding finance and the stock market.

Rachna is exceptional in the stock market because she is a chartered accountant by education and along with this she has studied the stock market in greater depth and that’s why she has a plethora of expertise in this field.

She has amazing skills of teaching and it is maybe because of this that she has received a lot of appreciation from the audience and nowadays she is followed by the many millions of people of India on YouTube.

However, the journey to reach this level for Rachana was not so easy and she worked really very hard to get all of this. Her story is incredible and every youngster must have obtained inspiration from her journey.

Today, through this article, we will tell you about some very important things related to Rachana’s struggle story. If you also want to know more about CA Rachna Ranade, then please read this article till the end.

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

CA Rachana Ranade Sucess Story

Rachna had said in Josh Talks that everyone should have to decide in their careers to figuring out what they want to achieve in their professional lives.

Because when we are young then it is quite obvious that we will be shown so many dreams like becoming actors, cricketers, singer and so many other professions.

However the reality always differs from dreams, you should work hard to make that goal a reality by choosing it up with whichever field you wish to pursue your professional career.

CA Rachna Ranade herself has also adopted this thing in her life, as she always wanted to become a CA from her childhood days. 

The special achievement of Rachana Ranade is that she did so much hard work to pass CA’s examination and was eventually able to clear it in her first attempt.

She herself stated that she studied almost 16 to 18 hours per day to pass his CA final examinations.

CA Rachana Ranade’s Journey of Learning about the Stock Market

Rachna Ranade was initially not so much interested in the stock market, but when she was preparing for the CA examinations, she was surrounded by a group of lads who were often talking related to the share market.

That’s where  Rachana determined that if she wants to fit in with this group, then she must have to learn about the stock market and after this thought, she started learning about the stock market through newspapers and the business news channels.

In starting she faced so many difficulties but at the end of the day she gained her interest in the same domain.

According to Rachna, she wanted to learn about every complexity of the stock market and this is the main reason why she joined a stockbroker’s office during her CA preparation and discovered everything that she could know about how the share market actually works practically. 

Actually, the stockbroker from whom Rachana was learning felt that she was a normal girl and that’s why she would come into his office for a few days and then leave the office on her own.

However, Rachana Proved him wrong because she worked there for a good amount of time and learned so many practical things related to the share and financial market.

Life after Becoming an CA

Rachna Ranade, as we previously stated, managed to pass the CA exam on her first attempt.

She has received numerous job offers after passing the CA exam, but she declined all of them and instead choosing any kind of a job she decided to become an educator and then she started teaching individuals who were studying for the CA exam and later on she also joined one of the reputed MBA colleges as an educator. 

When Rachana was teaching her students in her MBA college, many students urged her to teach them about the things associated with the stock market.

But at that time Rachna knew only about how things work practically in the stock market and did not have much theoretical knowledge.

To get out of this problem, she did many courses related to the stock market from the NSE’s institution and got success in passing almost all the exams.

Then after she started teaching about the share market to the students.

Rachana’s stock market lessons got much appreciation from her students, and many of them encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel.

From here, Rachana’s journey in YouTube began, and nowadays her YouTube channel is considered as one of the top finance-related channels in India. 

Final Conclusion on CA Rachana Ranade Sucess Story

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