CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio

CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio

CA Rachna Ranade is a well-known name amongst the people who are literally very enthusiastic about the stock market in today’s time and especially among those who learn about the share market through her videos on YouTube.

If you a someone who is not so familiar with the name of CA Rachana Ranade then we would like to introduce her to you as a share market investor, educator, and financial advisor.

She is also managing the YouTube channel known as CA Rachana Ranade, where she teaches students about the stock market and other financial matters.

Many people are making a lot of money from the stock market by following Rachana Ranade’s strategies, which is why she is becoming quite popular among people who are seriously interested in investing their money in the stock market.

When many individuals learn about the stock market from someone then they often want to know how major stock market investors invest their money and how they actually made a profit from it.

By the way, Rachana Ranade is a very successful stock market trader since she has a plethora of information about the stock market.

If you’re interested in learning more about CA Rachna Ranade’s stock portfolio, you’ve come to the right place since you’ll find all of the information you need here.

CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio

See, it seems that no matter how wealthy and successful a stock market investor is, they will never disclose much information about where they actually invest all of their money in the share market. 

Something similar can be found in Rachana Ranade’s story too because she never discloses much information about which stocks she exclusively invests in.

However, we have collected some of her investment ideas from her videos, which can definitely be going to help you in determining how to invest your money in the stock market.

CA Rachana Ranade’s Mutual Fund Investment Strategy

Let’s start our main article with the CA Rachana Ranade’s exact strategy for the mutual funds.

See, if you have noticed then you must be known with the fact that CA Rachna Ranade has been saying in her videos since the beginning that if you want to start investing in the stock market and if you do not have much information about this market, then you can starting your investment journey by investing in the mutual funds.

Because Mutual Funds are very less risky as compared to the equity market and this is the main reason why you can get a good return on the amount you have invested here.

However, while advising to invest in mutual funds, she has also mentioned many times that you should always invest in any two sub-categories of any mutual fund.

CA Rachana Ranade Success Story

CA Rachana Ranade Stock Market Course: All you want to know about it

For example, if you invest in a large-cap company, then you can invest in a maximum of 2 mutual funds and by the way, if you want to invest in mid-cap and small-cap, then you should invest in a maximum of 2 mutual funds only.

Because she truly believes that there is no point in making so many investments in different kinds of mutual funds and making your Investment portfolio over diversified.

Choose Mutual Fund according to time frame

The special thing about Rachna is that she truly believes in a thing that whenever you invest your money in mutual funds then you should be well-aware of the fact that for how long you want to invest your money in the same funds.

If you want to invest in mutual funds for a short period, then you can start your investment with Debt Fund and if you want to invest your money for a long time then you can invest your money in Equity Mutual Fund.

Let’s try to understand the same with one table.

GoalInvestment DurationMutual Fund TypeRisk Type
Long Term5-7 YearsEquityHigh
Medium Term3-5 YearsHybrid Medium
Short Term3 Years or LessDebtLow

CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio for Equity Market

Rachna Ranade is a firm believer that if you want to start your investing well then instead of undertaking more research in mutual funds, you should have to invest more and more money in the equity market.

if you have a good amount of knowledge about the same market because you get a higher return than elsewhere in mutual funds. Many times, people invest in such locations as penny stocks in order to earn more money than they would in the equity market, but they do not benefit in the long run.

Penny stocks are those stocks that no one wants to put their money into and in that you invest your valuable money. Rachana advises you not to do this. 

The special thing about Rachna is that like mutual funds, she does not diversify her portfolio much in the equity market and she has only 15 stocks in her portfolio.

Rachna believes that your portfolio should be diverse and that you should invest your money in various industries, but this does not mean that you should add a lot of companies to your portfolio and make it over-diversified.

Despite having knowledge of such a highly lucrative stock market, Rachana does not invest directly in banking shares and chooses to invest in any such mutual fund rather than directly investing in banking shares that invest all of its money directly in the various bank’s equity shares.

Rachna’s this investment strategy can prove to be quite successful because, as we all know, the banking industry is considered to be very safe in the stock market because you will almost certainly receive moderate returns from those shares then there is no point in wasting your time picking and researching them.

Final Conclusion on CA Rachana Ranade Stock Portfolio

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