CA Anusha Jain Shares Her Success Stroy in Trading and Investment.

CA Anusha Jain Success Story

For those who are actually preparing for the CA examination, Anusha Jain’s name is not unknown. Anusha by education is a Chartered Accountant, Tutor, and Investor by profession.

She is quite good at managing her professional YouTube channel and financial ventures in addition to assisting her students in CA examinations.

Anusha basically hails from Haryana, but she currently resides in New Delhi, our country’s capital.

She has been studious from childhood, which is why her aim of becoming a Chartered Accountant was crystal apparent, and because of her commitment, she was able to pass this difficult examination at such a young age.

Despite getting a whopping salary package of 11.5 lakhs after clearing the CA final examination, she decided not to choose that high-paying job, and instead of that, she has to choose to follow her dream of becoming a mentor for the CA students who are struggling in their examination.

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Well, here through this article, we are actually going to share some important information related to the CA Anusha Jain’s success story in stock trading and investment and we are quite sure that you will definitely get inspiration from the same.

CA Anusha Jain Trading Journey

Well, Anusha is someone who has always been fascinated by the stock market and investment.

She started getting more interested in the stock market when she took admission in commerce stream after 10th and at that time she used to enjoy watching the patterns of red and blue candlesticks in trading computers.

Actually, Anusha was very excited to know about how trading is done in the market, and because of this, she opened her Demat account with the popular brokerage firm named Share Khan with the help of a knowledgeable person when he was in CA internship and started her journey as a trader cum learner.

According to Anusha’s saying everybody in their life should invest their money into the market.

Further, she also added that you can start your journey with a minimum amount and don’t be afraid to lose your money, and even if you lose some minimum amount then think that you are actually on a learning path and this learning will definitely be going to help you in the future.

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When it comes to investing and trading in the stock market then Anusha actually has a conservative nature as she is a firm believer that one doesn’t have to invest more than 20 percent of their regular income into trading and investment even though you have a high-risk apatite.

The special thing about Anusha’s journey is that being a CA student, she is very fond of reading and this is the main reason why she has read many books till now to learn about the stock market and various strategies of trading.

Right now, after struggling for almost 2 years in trading, she is doing great after gaining some experience. Well, if you want to know more about her then what can you do is go and subscribe to her own YouTube channel named CA Anusha Jain.

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