Byjus Vs Vedantu: Which Platform is Better for You?

Byjus Vs Vedantu: Which Platform is Better for You?

Byjus Vs Vedantu

Friends, we all know that the Corona Pandemic has caused a lot of changes in the lives of all people, and the majority of people are now sitting at home all the time, with their school, colleges, and working office all locked away. 

This pandemic has become really very cruel and maximum people are suffering from so many losses during this pandemic and the students who are studying and as well as aspirants preparing for competitive exams suffer the most due to this pandemic because they are unable to prepare adequately due to their inability to attend physical lectures.

The online education Overview

However, we all know that the number of people using the internet in India has risen exponentially and that’s why the scope of online education in India has increased tremendously. Many online education platforms, such as Unacademy Byjus and Vedantu, are now available in India, where you may effortlessly study online without wasting time.

In our last article, we did an unbiased comparison of India’s two largest online education platforms, Byjus, and unacademy, and if you haven’t read it yet, you may do so by clicking on the link below.

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Today, we’ll attempt to present you with the results of a thorough comparison between Vedantu and Byjus, another popular online education platform in India. If you really want to know more about this comparison then kindly please read this article till the end and we are quite sure that you are going to get a piece of superb information through this article.

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Byjus vs Vedantu: An Unbiased Comparison

(1) Course Fees

Friends, whenever a comparison is performed between any online or offline education platform, then the most important factor that educational specialists examine at that time is the course fee because after all, all businesses are driven by money and that is the prime reason why we’ll begin the contemporary article with a comparison of course fees.

Friends, if we talk about course fees, you’ll be shocked to know that there’s a big difference between the fees of both platform’s educational courses because the minimum course amount of Byjus costs more than 50000 rupees while you can grab the courses from the Vedantu’s platform at a minimum cost of 2000 rupees and sometimes even less than this written price. 

When you purchase a course from Byjus, you must purchase the entire course from here and pay the payment almost simultaneously, but the most significant aspect of Vedantu is that you can purchase the particular subject’s lecture or a course via using this online educational platform.

Byjus Vs Vedantu: Which Platform is Better for You?

 You may even purchase a chapter lecture from this site for a very little price, so we can claim that Vedantu is actually offering so much flexibility to the students in terms of the course selection. 

(2) Quality of Education

Friends, whenever there is a comparison between two online or offline education platforms, another aspect that becomes very essential in terms of comparison, after the course fee, is the quality of education. So, let’s take a look at some key points about the quality of education available on both platforms.

Because the educators teaching on both platforms are highly qualified, it would be absolutely prejudiced to state that one platform is ahead of the other or that one platform is behind the other when it comes to education quality. Those professionals who are hired to instruct students are fully qualified and there is complete foolishness if we compare the quality of education of both the E-learning platforms.

(3) Educational Format and Student-Teacher Live Interaction Comparison

In terms of education quality, if we talk about the format of education, we can easily determine that in the majority of Byjus courses, you are provided with a pre-recorded lecture video and very few online live classes are conducted on this platform, but the offline material, i.e. the books provided by them, is of very high quality as all of these books are written by top Educators of India.

On the other side, if we talk about Vedantu, this platform strongly believes in giving online live classes over pre-recorded videos, and as a result, Vedantu only offers a few pre-recorded video lectures to its students. Vedantu’s management also believes that if students come on time to attend the live classes then their doubt can get cleared at a time and it will also increase discipline between them and personally I too have found this to be quite impressive to some extent.

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Friends, while we have already informed you that Byjus is not providing more online lessons, this does not mean that you will not be taught via live classes here. Live teacher-student contact is absolutely done at intervals on Byjus’s platform, but your doubts are only resolved after a long period because Byjus has a lot of students and very few educators available on this platform. 

When I talked with many of the students who have purchased premium courses from Vedantu, they mentioned that live interaction is considered a highly important topic on a Vednatu’s platform, which is why Vedantu is so successful in online classes doubt solving procedures. Students can also obtain a lot of guidance through live interactions on this platform.

Final Conclusion on Byjus vs Vedantu

Friends, we hope that you have liked this article of ours very much and you must have got a lot of important and important information through this article. If you think that this article carries a lot of value, then please do share this article with your friends through social media.

If you also want to convey your suggestions and feedback to us about this article, then please do comment in the comment box which is given below. Thank you so much for reading this article till the end.

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