Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story

Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story

Friends, we all know that blogging is a very successful medium for generating money online in today’s world, and there are many bloggers in India who are earning millions of rupees thanks to their dedication and smart work approaches in blogging and digital marketing sector. 

There are some bloggers are also available who are managing their YouTube channel too along with their blogging career, where they are teaching people about blogging, SEO, and digital marketing and also inspiring them to earn handsome amount of money from the online platforms and we can definitely say that Mangesh Bhardwaj is definitely one of them.

So, In this article, we are going to tell you that who is Mangesh Bhardwaj and what is his success story through a short description and we can assure you that if you read this article then you will definitely going to get a lot of valuable information.

Who is Mangesh Bhardwaj?

People who are engaged in the world of blogging and digital marketing are definitely familiar with Mangesh Bhardwaj’s name because he is a very successful blogger who, in addition to blogging, also runs a YouTube channel called Blogging QnA where he teaches people about blogging, SEO, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Mangesh Bhardwaj grew up in a small village in Haryana and earned his bachelor’s degree in the stream of commerce.

 Although in today’s time people may know Mangesh as a very successful blogger his path to being a successful blogger and Youtuber was not been so easy because till now he has faced so many challenges in this journey of becoming a prime digital marketer of a country. 

Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story
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Friends, it is vital to comprehend one thing about Mangesh is that his Youtube channel now has millions of subscribers, and one of the key reasons for this success is that he teaches blogging and SEO in a very simple way to his learners.

So, In this article, We’ll try to give you some extremely crucial information concerning Mangesh’s blogging journey. 

Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story

Mangesh recently posted a video of himself on YouTube in which he casually discussed his blogging history. Mangesh mentioned at the beginning of his video that he learned about blogging for the first time while he was in his second year of college.

Friends, as we all know, whenever a new person learns about making money on the internet, he got definitely fascinated by it, and the same thing happened with Mangesh too. 

Since he was enthralled by it as well, he wanted to make millions of dollars from using the medium of the internet, so he began his blogging career in the same year.

However, many people argue that we often utilize unethical methods to earn more money in a short period of time, but it will never be turned out in success and Mangesh has also experienced something similar.

When he first began blogging, he did copy-paste work on his site, and as a result, he was unable to get Google Adsense’s approval for the first two years.

Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story

Mangesh had wasted two crucial years of his digital marketing career in the chase of making quick money through blogging in unethical ways.

But he had learned from his mistakes very soon also soon he realized that if he wanted money in an area like blogging, he would have to work in all the legal ways and also have to provide a better user experience and value to them. 

Mangesh started working on his blog again with honesty after learning from his failures, and this time he started obtaining the results he wanted.

However, he had to wait another two years to receive his first money from Google Adsense, and it was only after he received the first payout that he realized the true power of blogging.

Manesh Bhardwaj Earning and Blogging QnA Youtube Channel

Before we get into how much money Mangesh Bhardwaj makes, it’s crucial to note that he is successfully managing his YouTube channel entitled Blogging QnA, which has made him highly successful among many young bloggers in India.

Apart from his YouTube channel his blog named Manesh Bhardwaj and Blogging qna has also become a big brand name. 

Mangesh Bhardwaj makes the most money by displaying Google Adsense advertisements on his site; as a result, Ads Revenue is his primary source of income, and he also makes a lot of money through his YouTube channel.

So, in this sense, we can easily conclude that Mangesh makes between 2 and 2.5 lakh rupees each month in today’s time. 

Final Words on Blogging QnA Mangesh Bhardwaj Success Story

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