Bekifaayati YouTube Channel – All You Want to Know About It

As we all know that there is a severe problem existing in India when it comes to financial literacy. The main reason being the illiteracy rate is actually quite high in India.

However, the usage of the internet is expanding day by day and that’s the main reason why the Indian people are getting aware of financial education gradually. Still, too much work to be done in the same domain in the future.

To some extent, YouTube has been literally very important for getting any kind of information in the shortest span of time.

When it comes to spreading financial literacy there are only a few YouTubers who are trying their best to create content on the same and in some such YouTubers, we can definitely add Pranjal Kamra, CA Rachana Ranade and FinnovationZ.

However, in the midst of all these big gents, a channel named Bekifayati is also busy making its mark. The content of this channel is very amazing and gives people knowledge about finance things in their native Hindi language.

This is a channel where you will get almost all the topics related to finance. The most important thing about this channel which I like very much is that on this channel you will get a chance to understand each and every topic very easily in deep.

Whether it is NPS or Stock Market, Mutual Funds, or terms related to the Insurance and Banking Industry, I am quite sure that you are definitely going to get some valuable information from here.

Also, along with all the basics, this YouTube Channel’s team is also trying their best efforts to cover all the latest financial news like IPO, Mergers, etc in detail.

Till now, this YouTube channel has been subscribed to by more than 8 lakh Subscribers, and looking at the content quality of this channel we are quite sure that this channel is definitely going to create a huge trademark in this domain for sure.

Do you also want to learn all the basics of finance? Then just go and subscribe to this channel as early as possible. The channel’s link is given below.

Visit: Bekifayati’s YouTube Channel

Final Conclusion on Bekifaayati YouTube Channel

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