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Today is friendship day and we all have best friends in our life.

It is said that if you have a sincere friendship in your life, then it can make your life very wonderful, but if you have a selfish friend in your life, he can make your life very difficult, which is why it is probably said that always choose your friends wisely.

Today we are going to share a success story of two friends named Amit Panchal and Ruchit Patel, who are the founders of the biggest event management website named Today this website is earning more than 2.5 crore rupees per year. Their success story is something that everybody should have to know about it.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the success story of a startup named Allevents. in which was founded by 2 youngsters of Ahmedabad. Please read this article till the end to know more about the website.

Who are Amit Panchal and Rachit Patel and How did they started

Both Amit Panchal and Ruchit Patel are computer engineers, and they both become very good friends during their college days.  They both worked together and developed so many IOS applications and websites and from that, they both had also earned a huge amount of money. Success Story

After graduating from college, they both worked in one multi-national company, however, after being dissatisfied with the corporate sector’s biassed behavior, they both decided to quit their high-paying positions and eventually ventured into the domain of freelancing.

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While freelancing, they came to know about the Twitter meetup event which was going to be held in Ahmedabad. They both took a part in that event.

This event turned out to be the biggest life-changing event for them as there they got an opportunity to interact with many business entrepreneurs and due to which both of them got an idea of making an event management website.

How they both started

Friends, we all know that at the beginning of any business, you have to struggle a lot, and the same thing happened with them too. 

When they first started working on this website, neither of them knew anything about event management, but they both did a lot of research and gradually started developing the website.

Usually, when someone begins a new startup, most of them struggle with initial finance, but in the case of Amit and Ruchit, there was no fear about funding because they both invested money that they had earned via past work they had done. 

But in the early days, Amit and Ruchit had to waste a lot of their time on things like databases because they have to change the database many times in 6 months in order to meet the need of the websites. Success Story

Finally, their hard work paid off when their website began to generate revenue through Google Adsense. Their AdSense account, however, has been suspended because they were both unaware of the AdSense program’s guidelines and had unintentionally violated them.

But Ruchit and Amit were smart enough to turn this mishap into a new revenue source, as they began making some money from sponsored listings on their website immediately after the incident. This conjunction of sponsored listing has become their second source of income along with the Google Adsense program. 

Business Scalling story of

There came a point in their business where they both had to decide whether they wanted to continue freelancing or focus only on their event listing business, and they both ultimately elected to continue with their listing business. They gave up their primary freelance business and concentrated all of their efforts on the website.

It was their long-term vision and mission that helped them to expand this website to a bigger audience. currently has almost 25 crores of events listed on it. The website is available in more than 30000 cities, and more than 60 lakh individuals utilize it on a daily basis. This is indeed one of the greatest achievements. Success Story

In an interview given to VTV Gujarati, they both also revealed that they got huge funding of more than 2 crore plus rupees for that website but they both refused to take it as they do not want to sell the one-third part of their startup to someone and also they both do not want to work in any kind of pressure of their funding partner. (This is Indeed a brave decision)

This company, which was founded by just two people, is no longer just a listing website. After extensive research, their team has developed a number of revenue models, and as a result, this startup has a turnover of over 3 crores.

Final Words on Success Story

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