All You Want to Know About FSSAI Registration for Home Backers and Cloud Kitchen.

In today’s world, everyone wants to do business, and in a conclusion, many people are on the quest for innovative business ideas. As a result, numerous individuals even considered opening a cloud kitchen business.

Cloud kitchens or home kitchens are those kitchens when a person does not have a place to set up a kitchen for his business and works to produce and distribute foodstuff from his home kitchen. The concept of the cloud kitchen is quite old in India. 

The unique feature of cloud kitchens is they’re not the same as the restaurant’s commercial kitchens, and unlike other restaurants, there are no seating facilities are provided here. People who operate a cloud kitchen typically prepare and deliver food from their own houses.

Many individuals seem to have little knowledge about what is the legal procedure to register a cloud kitchen’s business in India and that’s why there is no such information available in the mind of people for the particular that subject and that’s why we are writing this article regarding all the legal procedure for the FSSAI registration for the small businesses like cloud kitchen.

Is FSSAI Registration is necessary for the Cloud Kitchen?

FSSAI is an organization governing the food business in India and it provides a certificate to all types of small and big hotels and restaurants to do business in the food industry. If you want to do a food business in India, then it becomes very important for you to get an FSSAI certificate.

If we are talking about cloud kitchen, you do not need to obtain an FSSAI certificate for this business. However, if you want to deliver food from your cloud kitchen via Zomato and Swiggy, you must obtain the certificate, because if when you register your business on a platform of Zomato and Swiggy then it will definitely ask you to submit the FSSAI certificate at a time of registration.

There are three types of FSSAI certificates are available just looking at the turnover of the business.

  1. If your business has a yearly turnover upto 20 Lakhs rupees then you just have to obtain simple FSSAI license.
  2. If your business has a moderate annual turn over of 20 Lakhs to 2 Crore then you have to obtain Stare FSSAI license, and
  3. If your food business has a turnover of more than 2 Crore then you definitely have to obtain central FSSAI License.

We will next talk about which documents you will require for an FSSAI registration?

Documents required to obtain FSSAI Certificate for your Cloud Kitchen or Home Backer.

  1. Owner’s PAN Card or any other personal identification certificate
  2. Company’s GST registration number
  3. Company’s registration certificate
  4. Property registration certificte or lease agreement in case you wants a central FSSAI license.

Final Words on FSSAI Registration for Home Backers and Cloud Kitchen

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