Quitting Job as Successful Software Developer to Becoming a Full-Time Blogger: Akash Manas Web Beast Success Story

Akash Manas Web Beast Success Story

Friends, we are all aware of how difficult it has gotten to find work in India’s IT sector at this time. The truth is that if you studied at an IIT or NIT, you will only be able to acquire a good package or a  position; otherwise, you will have to work for a much-reduced wage than other software engineers.

Many software engineers are moving forward in the sector of digital marketing and blogging as a result of not being able to find the proper package job at this moment, but the harsh reality is that the majority of these people are failing out in this field as well and they get back again with a low salary package software engineering job. 

But, in this article, I’ll tell you about the success story of a blogger who quit his high-paying software engineering job of 65,000/month and nowadays becomes a successful digital marketer and YouTuber, with having monthly earnings in the millions. The name of this blogger cum YouTuber is Akash Manas who is most popularly known as “WebBeast”.

Who is Akash Manas Aka WebBeast?

Akash Manas i.e. WebBeast is a very popular blogger, digital marketer, and YouTuber who teaches people about SEO, blogging, and how to earn money online from the Internet through his YouTube channel and that’s why he is one of the most popular amongst the Indian youth. He is followed by millions of people on various social media platforms.

You will be very surprised to know that Akash has been a very successful software engineer and who has studied software engineer from NIT Srinagar and after completing engineering, he got a job in a Bangalore-based software company at a very good amount of a salary package.

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But, while doing the work, he became so experts in the field of blogging that he began earning more money than his regular job and as a result, he quit his full-time job and pursued his dream of becoming a full-time digital marketer and Youtuber.

In today’s time, Akash Manas is known as Web beast in the world of digital marketing and blogging on YouTube He is someone who is earning a very high amount of money from the internet, but his journey was not easy at all, and he did not become an overnight billionaire. Rather, he has put in a lot of effort to get to this position. 

Web Beast Success Story

As we said before, Akash Manas graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Jammu, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the batch of 2014.

When he was in his second year of college, in 2015, he learned about blogging through one of his colleagues, and he was fascinated to learn more about what would happen in the real world of blogging and that is the reason why he started learning about blogging and website designing. 

Friends, we all know that when we live in hostels or studying in a college, we only have a limited amount of money to spend on particular things, and this was also the case with the Akash too. However, he requested and received an increase in his pocket money from his father so he can start his blogging journey easily. 

Many individuals are more likely to be attracted to this banner of making money online, and that they might resort to unethical tactics to get money as quickly as possible, but those people are never been become successful. (Do you have any suggestions?) Akash Manas made some similar mistakes in the beginning, and as a result, he was unable to achieve a big success in his blogging career for about two years.

Manas may have wasted his first two years in the blogging industry, but he learned a lot from his mistakes and, as a result, he started to take his blogging business seriously and went on to work with honesty and that is the reason why he got immense success in this sector and today he is considered as the pro blogger in the communities of the Digital Marketers and this is quite a huge achievement. 

Akash worked in a company in Bangalore after graduating from NIT Jammu, but there came a moment when he realized that there were other ways are also available to make money rather than doing stupid kinds of jobs and eventually decided to leave his job. Then after he fully dedicated his full time to blogging and digital marketing, and that is the also one of the top reason why is a well-known face in the digital marketing sector too. 

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