Abhishek Jain From The IIM Guy Tells you why He Left his High Paying Job After IIM.

Friends, we all know that nowadays everyone wants to move forward in a corporate career and if you want to move ahead in a corporate career, then you also know very well how important it is for you to get an MBA degree.

After studying engineering, if you have an MBA degree, then it becomes very easy for you to move forward in your career. Because of this, many individuals leave their high-paying jobs and do MBA and later get good positions in the corporate office.

But today I will tell you about a person who has left a high-paying job after doing his MBA from IIM and is currently doing very valuable work in content creation on YouTube. The name of this man is Abhishek Jain. Today through this article we will give you some very important information about him.

Abhishek Jain The IIM Guy

Today, it is the dream of many young individuals in the country that they also study in top universities like IITs and IITs and later grab a high-paying job for themselves. But perhaps Abhishek Jain thinks differently.

Abhishek Jain, a resident of Visakhapatnam, has studied at IIM Ahmedabad and after doing this he also got a job in a well-known corporate company. But he was not satisfied with this job at all and the reason being he quit his position and nowadays handling his family business and making various content on YouTube.

Telling about his story of quitting his job he further added, ” I always wanted to become a marketing manager, but getting a job directly as a marketing manager is not possible even after passing from IIM and reason being I have to work for at least 5-6 years to get the same position in the company. This time frame is quite very prolong for me and this is the main reason why I decided to leave my well-paying position and join my family business which is already a well-established and can make me a decision-maker in just a short span of time was my ultimate goal too. “

No matter how rich you are, quitting positions after getting an MBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad needs guts and that’s what Abhishek Jain has.

Instead of trapping or limiting himself in a corporate position as a consultant he decided to move advance in his professional career and joined his family business and this thing really makes him a special personality.

As of now, he is already active on YouTube where he manages his own YouTube channel where he is posting various educational and informative content with his unbiased opinions.

He is undoubtedly doing a great thing by answering all the questions with honesty. Right now, his YouTube channel has more than 25k subscribers but I am quite sure that he going to climb a big ladder in this domain too.

Final Conclusion on Abhishek Jain From The IIM Guy

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