Abhi and Niyu’s 100 Reasons to Love India

Abhi and Niyu’s 100 Reasons to Love India: All You Want to Know About it.

100 Reasons to Love India

Has it ever happened to you that you are watching a video on YouTube and unexpectedly get a suggestion of a video that you like very much?

Well, I am going to share my part of the story here. One day I was scrolling some YouTube videos randomly and YouTube has come up to me with a suggestion of Abhi and Niyu’s video.

I found that video’s title very catchy and that’s why I clicked on it.

But when I saw that video my mind was completely blown out and I suddenly realize that I must have write one blog on this unique content creator named “Abhi and Niyu”

Well, I have already written enough about them on one of my blogs titled “Who are Abhi and Niyu and why they both are so popular in India?”

If you haven’t read that article then please click on that link and read that article first.

Who are Abhi and Niyu? Why they both are so popular?

Now, let’s talk about Abhi and Niyu’s “100 Reasons to Love India” in detail via this article. Let’s try to understand what is it and why you must watch all the videos related to this catchy title.

Who are Abhi and Niyu?

Abhi and Niyu both are very big content creators in the world of YouTube and social media.

Usually, all the videos posted on their channel are informative and try to reach you with the correct information. That’s why their videos are also liked and shared by many people.

You can always find some kind of natural positivity in their videos definitely.

That’s the reason why many of the youngsters started liking their videos. Today their channel has millions of followers and they both are quite popular faces in India.

Why abhi and niyu are so popular

The real name of Abhi is Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha. He hails from Delhi.

He has completed his formal graduation in commerce stream from one of the reputed colleges of South Delhi.

After completing his basic education, he went to Mumbai for his further graduation in Mass and Media communication.

The real name of Niyu is Niyati Mavinkurve. You will be amazed if I tell you that Niyati is a CA (Chartered accountant) by her graduation.

After completing her graduation from one of the colleges of Delhi, she appeared for the CA exams and passed them in her first attempt.

I hope this information related to their introduction is enough to tell you about the qualification of Abhi and Niyu.

Still, if you want to know more about them, then you can definitely read that article, which link is mentioned in the above part of this article.

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What is the 100 Reasons to Love India?

Are you a fan of watching news channels?

If your answer is yes, then you know very well that in today’s time 9 out of 10 news shown in the news channels of India are negative and eventually that have no sense at all.

Do you also not feel that the negativity shown in news channels in India is harmful and it is creating a wrong image about this country among the people of India and the world?

Abhi and Niyu Love Story

But people like me and you keep watching such news silently and do not take any steps regarding this matter.

It is definitely bitter to hear but it is absolutely true and you definitely have to agree with me on this particular thing.

But this couple named Niyati Mavinkhurve and Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha was not like us and their thinking was definitely different from ours.

The couple wanted to tell the world about the positive side of India and that’s they both traveled to the whole of India for almost 100 days and uploaded more than 100 Vlogs about their journey on their YouTube channel.

How did all this happen?

In the year 2018, Abhi and Niyu were about to shift to Canada and for this, they had also made a lot of savings.

But their love for India prevented them from going to Canada and from here, this concept named 100 Reasons To Love India was also born.

Abhi and Niyu wanted to tell the whole world that India is really a very beautiful country.

They wanted to share that there are also some extra-ordinary things available here apart from poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment.

That’s why they both started traveling together in various parts of this beautiful country.

They both shot too many videos and uploaded them on their brand new YouTube channel by the time of travel.

Abhi and Niyu’s 100 Reasons to Love India

Abhi and Niyati had planned this entire journey on the train because they both were not financially stable at that time.

So, that’s why they both decided to travel like a normal Indian couple to experience the real taste of the Indian environment.

The best part about this journey is that they both didn’t even give up on their professional commitments.

Niyati who is a professional blog writer continued writing her blog posts even during the time of traveling.

Abhi is also so passionate about his work and that’s why he had single handly edited all the videos and uploaded them at regular intervals despite not getting some proper internet connectivity on some remote locations like Jammu and Kashmir and the Himalayas.

Final words on Abhi and Niyu’s 100 Reasons to Love India

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