[100% Working Tips] How to Get Free Tablet From Byjus?

How to Get Free Tablet From Byjus?

You are all conscious that Byju’s is now accomplishing an excellent position in the domain of online education in India. This online education platform is giving tough competition to India’s biggest online education community named Unacademy.

When it comes to online education, this platform was initially dedicated to teaching online-only children from 4th to 12th classes of NCERTs topics but now in today’s time, this platform is also offering courses for a variety of competitive examinations to be held in India.

If you have purchased a premium course from Byju’s then you are aware that Byju’s will provide one single tablet along with all course materials and a kit bag, and that you may use this tablet to access all kinds of pre-recorded lectures as well as many online lectures via using Byju’s student’s portal.

However, we all know that all courses offered by Byju’s are extremely expensive, and not everyone can afford them. That is the reason why many students keep asking about whether they can get the free tablets from Byjus or not. That is why we are writing this article to give a brief answer to this question.

How to Get Free Tablet From Byjus?

I don’t always understand why individuals want to use Byju’s tablet without first purchasing the course. I’d like to say something to you in very simple terms. If you do not purchase the Byju’s course then you will not receive the tablet and that is the reason why I should always tell people to buy that course in order to gain that tablet.

However, we all know that essentially all of Byjus’ courses are extremely expensive, and that is the main reason why many individuals are unable to afford them, and this is something that Byjus already knows very well.

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And probably because of this reason why the company has also organized too many Scholarship tests for the prospective students who are really willing to join Byju’s premium courses. 

 You may learn more about Byjus’ scholarship test by visiting their official website, and I’d like to point out one more crucial point that the passing this scholarship test does not guarantee that you will receive Byju’s premium course for free.

However, you will definitely receive some short of concession up to 70 to 80 Percentage for the particular course you actually willing to buy. 

Friends, you must always remember one thing in life that you never obtain anything to free your life. If want to achieve something then you must have to work hard for it, and you should spend money along the way.

We believe that every parent should spend as much money as possible on their children’s education.

Final Conclusion on How to Get Free Tablet From Byjus?

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